There are few voices remaining from the KC and the Sunshine Band days, but the ones who do remain don't shy away from the truth. Revisionist history and failing memories try to rewrite the facts of the origins of this, and many other bands - but there will ALWAYS be the truth tellers (along with countless documents and recordings) which can't be edited away.


In 1972, the direction of dance music changed course throughout the world when bassist/songwriter Rick Finch met Henry Stone (TONE Disributors/TK Records Owner/President/CEO) through introductions by house producers/writers at TK. Seeing his potential and believing he would be a good fit at TK, Finch quickly established himself as a young engineering phenom, recording numerous 45 RPM singles at the label before the age of 17 - including music for the Allman Brothers and Mother's Finest.

Finch was eventually introduced to Tone Distributor stockroom clerk, phone receptionist and budding singer/songwriter/keyboardist Harry Wayne Casey (KC). Soon after meeting and at the urging of Henry Stone and TK recording artist Clarence Reid, the magic began. Stone knew he had 'lightening in a bottle' with these two young men and gave them unlimited 'after hours' access to the recording studio to experiment and create. Unable to afford basic reel to reel recording tape afforded to TK's signed artists, much of KC and Rick's early work was recorded on discarded tape from other sessions rescued from the studio garbage can which Finch cleaned up and spliced together for their experimental sessions.

The first commercially successful Casey/Finch collaboration ("Rock Your Baby" - recorded by George McCrae) soared up the charts, and was the first song responsible for coining the term 'disco,' as it became a favorite in clubs worldwide. Soon after, the two co-founded 'KC and the Sunshine Band' and began recording hit songs of their own.

The Casey/Finch partnership played a pivotal role in changing the sound and direction of 20th Century pop music and their influence is felt on many of today's recordings, utilized thousands of times in radio and tv commercials, movies, soundtracks and artist sampling.

The signature Rick Finch bass lines are recognized and celebrated worldwide and have been sampled by numerous platinum and multi-platinum artists.